Filling an empty cup

A very difficult task indeed, just like filling an empty cup. The problem however is not the filling of the cup, but finding an empty one. Once an empty cup is found, the process of filling it is equally difficult as well, it is so because it is only by the choice of the drinker can we decide what the liquid should consist of. If the liquid is something which will cause harm to the individual an additional step is required in the filling of the cup, and if that step is skipped then another problem ensues. However solutions exist for that person as well, and thus a person filling the cup needs to be an expert at doing so.

The Japanese are experts when it comes to the tea ceremony, it is a mode of worship itself and not just the act of drinking tea. I have never partaken in the ceremony but have heard enough of it that it requires to be mentioned on this blank canvas. The choice of words may seem a bit difficult to comprehend for myself and especially for the unwary reader who just stumbled upon this page just like me.

Deleting words from the blank canvas is as difficult as putting them there, even more so if a variety of different colours have been used. This process however can be done with relative ease if the right tools are available. These tools are again the knowledge are of painters like Van Gogh who could depict a lot by just the use of ever chair.

I hope this shall suffice for now for words seem limiting and poems seem too poetic, and Van Gogh was an expert.

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