Courage from WithIn

If broken syllable wise courage can come the following two syllables Kar + Rage. If we take these pieces and translate them using my mother tongue i.e. Hindi, then the word can be read as “Do Rage” i.e. get angry. However this translation is a very ambiguous one and gives a misguided view on the nature of things. It is not difficult to see the folly in this misinterpretation.

Anger, as is commonly believed, is equivalent to poison for your body. If one is willing to die then a daily dose of anger will be enough to do that (unless better means are required). However if one wishes to live fully then anger is not the way of doing it. Anger too has its place in our hearts but it multiplies in its proportions when it is directed at someone else. So its best to keep the anger directed at yourself, so that the damage done is kept to a minimum (in an overall sense).

Then How does anger relate to courage? If you’ve paid enough attention the answer should be obvious by now, otherwise the following example shall suffice. Consider that you are a male and in dire need of a female to copulate with; note that this is no easy feat and requires a lot of attention in itself. However we are not going to discuss all the steps in this blog as most of them are already known by a very large audience. Instead we are going to focus on the first step also known as “Initiation”.

This initiation requires courage, it requires all the will power on part of the male to communicate his innermost desires to the female counterpart; and if done directly in a straightforward fashion, it leads to a disastrous end to that desire. However if the male is unable to come up with a good enough “pick up” line, within the given frame of time, then he looses his opportunity and the female is already gone.

This in turn leads to rage for the male we are talking about, rage, at his own inability to perform what was needed, for his own sake. This rage is harmful if it is kept within for too long, without taking any action about it. However if one is able to remember this rage, then this rage leads to “Courage” when the next opportunity comes dancing in front of the male (the words male and female used for far here can also be used interchangeably)

Thus we see courage comes from mistakes made in the past, more specifically, mistakes remembered from the past. Now it should be fairly obvious to see, that courage to do anything (the example given is just one of the multitude possibilities) comes from within, from mistakes made, and for remedies undertaken.

via Daily Prompt: Courage

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