Giving up

Charles Upholster is a new comer in the designing business, and being true to his name he is into designing upholstery. As a newcomer he finds it very difficult to generate the intricate designs which his masters at the “Grand School of Upholstery Design” do with relative ease. He is in dire need of help, however being innocuous as he is, he is unable to approach his amiable masters for help.

There are times when he can see the grand design in front of his eyes (not the work of a master) and itches with eagerness to put his vision on cloth, however as a newcomer he is not aware of the various tools and techniques available to his veteran masters and neither can his paraphernalia of upholstery design be called complete.

However all that Charles possesses is his innate talent to see the grand vision, to see how things should be; he wishes to be the instructor right away but knows that he wouldn’t even have the terminology to describe his design to the “to be” pupils. He has the courage to dream, to see the visions and the indispensable guidance of his masters too, but all of this fails due to lack of one (dis)ability of Charles.

Charles lacks the courage of giving up, if only he can cast aside his pride, his fear of reprimand, his fear of being ridiculed, Charles can become the very headmaster of the “Grand School of Upholstery”. Thankfully Charles was enough for me to learn this lesson and giving up has never been easier because of Sir Charles the great Upholster.

Image courtesy: Benjamin D. Esham / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 us,

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